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About the author.

This page is here to give those who are interested a little background about me.

This project happened almost by accident, when I wrote a program which moved the 'PCI Bridge Optimisation' feature out of kernel space into a userspace tool. Just as I was about to release my program, Olivier Gilloire announced that he wanted someone to help port his Microsoft Windows program Powertweak to other operating systems. I gave it some thought, and realised that if someone ported Powertweak to Linux, my program would be no longer relevant. So I exchanged some emails, and a situation was worked out that I add some features to my program so that it tweaks things other than PCI devices, and release it under the Powertweak name.

A lot of work on Powertweak has also been done by Arjan van de Ven.

Sadly neither myself nor Arjan have had time to continue development of Powertweak in the last year or so. More recently, Sven Dowideit has picked up where we left off.

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